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2021 SFMMS Slate of Candidates Now Available!

Pursuant to the San Francisco Marin Medical Society (SFMMS) Bylaws Article X Section 2 - Nominations, the Nominations Committee renders in writing the following slate of candidates for the 2021 SFMMS election. This slate will be read at the September 13, 2021, General Membership Meeting, at which time the Nominations Committee chair will call for additional nominations from the floor. 

The 2021 Slate of Candidates is currently published on the SFMMS website here:, candidate bios will be available in October. Voting will open on October 25th and run until November 8th. Stay tuned for more details. 

2021 Slate of Candidates

2022 Officers – Term 2022
For SFMMS President-Elect: Heyman Oo, MD, MPH
For SFMMS Secretary: Beth Griffiths, MD, MPH
Jason Nau, MD
Sarita Satpathy, MD, MPH, CPE
For SFMMS Treasurer: Dennis Song, MD, DDS
For SFMMS Editor: Gordon L. Fung, MD, PhD, FACC, FACP (Incumbent Editor)
For SFMMS Board of Directors
Term: 2022-2024
Five (5) or Six (6) candidates to be elected to the SFMMS Board of Directors (number of seats available TBD from results of Secretary election):
Sarita Satpathy, MD (Incumbent Director)
Kristen Swann, MD (Incumbent Director)
Melinda Aquino. MD
Ian McLachlan, MD
Mihal Emberton, MD
Yalda Shahram, MD
Neeru Singh, MD
For SFMMS Nominations Committee
Term: 2022-2023
Four (4) candidates to be elected to the SFMMS Nominations Committee:
Melinda Aquino, MD
Ayanna Bennet MD
Mansi Desai, MD
Tracey Hessel, MD
For SFMMS Young Physicians Section (YPS) Delegate and Alternates to the California Medical Association House of Delegates
Term: 2022-2023
One (1)Representative, two (2) Alternate Representatives to be elected:
Mansi Desai, MD
Anthony DiGiorgio, MD
Helen Yu, MD (Incumbent Alternate Representative)
For SFMMS Delegation to the California Medical Association House of Delegates
Term: 2022-2023
The candidates receiving the highest number of votes will serve as Delegates; the rest will be Alternate Delegates or on the wait list. The President-Elect automatically becomes one of the Delegates according to the SFMMS Bylaws:
Kristina Casadei, MD (Incumbent Alternate)
Ian McLachlan, MD (Incumbent Delegate)
Peter Teng, MD (Incumbent Delegate)
Melanie Thompson, DO (Incumbent Alternate)
Ameena Ahmed, MD (Incumbent Delegate)
Michael Kwok, MD (Incumbent Delegate)
Dennis Song, MD (Incumbent Delegate)
Shilpen Patel, MD (Incumbent Delegate)
Anthony DiGiorgio, MD (Incumbent Alternate)
Roger Eng, MD (Incumbent Delegate)
Ben Meisel, MD (Incumbent Alternate)
Kim Newell Green, MD (Incumbent Delegate)
George Fouras, MD (Incumbent Delegate)
Michael Schrader, MD (Incumbent Delegate)
Anne Cummings, MD (Incumbent Delegate)
Monique Schaulis, MD (Incumbent Delegate)
Man-Kit Leung, MD (Incumbent Delegate)
Larry Bedard, MD (Incumbent Alternate)
Tracey Hessel, MD (Incumbent Alternate)
Madeline Grade, MD (Incumbent Delegate)
Phillip So, MD
Mansi Desai, MD
Ari Hoffman, MD (Incumbent Alternate)
Zarah Iqbal, MD (Incumbent Alternate)
Nishita Nigam (Incumbent Delegate)
Andrea Yeung (Incumbent Alternate)
Camila Crabb-Fabersunne (Incumbent Alternate)

For AMA Delegates -- Term Ending 2023 (two-year term/no term limit)
Two to be elected for 2022-2023 (One Delegate, One Alternate Delegate)
For American Medical Association Delegate
Man-Kit Leung, MD (Incumbent Alternate Delegate)
For American Medical Association Alternate Delegate
Kim Newell Green, MD

2021 President-Elect, Michael Schrader, MD, PhD, FACP, automatically succeeds to the office of President.
2021 President, Monique Schaulis, MD, MPH, automatically succeeds to the office of Immediate Past President.

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