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SFMMS Election

View the 2023 SFMMS Election Results HERE.

The 2023 SFMMS Election is now complete! Thank you to SFMMS members who voted and the candidates for their participation in this year's election. Please join us in welcoming our newly elected members who will serve as Officers in 2023,  join our Board of Directors, act as our CMA Trustees and Delegates to the California Medical Association's House of Delegates, and as our AMA Delegates, each assuming a vital position of leadership in the Medical Society. These are the physician leaders who help the Medical Society set priorities and advance policies that support and protect the practice of medicine and the health of our communities.

Leadership Opportunities

SFMMS provides many opportunities for our members to get involved and contribute to our organization. Through joining a committee as a volunteer leader, or as a delegate to the governing body of the CMA, you are promoting the cause of organized medicine. You will gain opportunities to connect with other leaders in San Francisco and Marin, policy-makers and representatives, and the leadership of SFMMS and CMA. Below are ways in which you can become involved with the SFMMS.

See our leadership resource: So, You're Thinking of Running for Office HERE

Ways to Get Involved with SFMMS

SFMMS committees work on specific issues or areas of focus for the organization and make recommendations to the Board of Directors on actions or programs SFMMS should implement. The committees are an opportunity to influence the policy and advocacy of organized medicine locally while building leadership skills that can be used at the Board, in your practice, and in the community.

This role is right for you if prefer to focus on local issues and/or the operations of the Society as a membership association representing physicians in San Francisco and Marin Counties. To read a description of both elected and non-elected committees, click HERE

Becoming the Chair of a Committee is a great way to gain experience before running to become an Officer of the SFMMS Board of Directors. Committee Chairs have traditionally served on the Committee for at least a year and/or have experience on the SFMMS Board of Directors. Once you have joined an SFMMS Committee, speak with your SFMMS staff liaison for more information.

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