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California Health Policy Poll Released

CHCF released its second annual California Health Policy Survey. It provides insights into Californians’ experiences and attitudes about health coverage, health care costs, access to care, mental health, substance use treatment, the health care workforce, and homelessness.

Help The CFHWC With A Short Survey

Last summer, CHCF helped to launch the California Future Health Workforce Commission. It brought together top leaders from education and health care to ensure that California’s workforce will be able to meet the health needs of its people. The Commission has been working hard since then to develop a blueprint for action. Now, it needs YOUR help.

California Health Care Foundation: Preparing For the Future

Every day, the women and men charged with providing health care to California's 40 million residents work heroically. In helping people in California achieve healthier lives, this network of health professionals not only upholds the highest ideals of human care, it constitutes a formidable economic force that accounts for over 7% of the state's total employment. Yet in the next decade the health care workforce will face unprecedented challenges. The state's population is growing and becoming more diverse. The number of older Californians is projected to increase dramatically. Meanwhile, the cost of health care continues to rise faster than inflation. One of the biggest reasons these costs are so high and rising so fast is that we rely on a health care workforce that does not fit our needs.