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Help The CFHWC With A Short Survey

Our Health Workforce Needs You 

Last summer, CHCF helped to launch the California Future Health Workforce Commission. It brought together top leaders from education and health care to ensure that California’s workforce will be able to meet the health needs of its people. The Commission has been working hard since then to develop a blueprint for action. Now, it needs YOUR help. .

Share Your Expertise
The Commission is asking key stakeholders like you to weigh in on its draft strategy so far. Please take a survey to share your feedback.

We Know You Are Busy
There are some survey questions that concern overall health workforce and education needs. Other questions deal specifically with one of the Commission’s three priority focus areas: (1) primary care and prevention, (2) behavioral health, and (3) aging population. You may choose to answer just a few questions, provide input on selected strategies, or review them all, depending on your interest. All feedback is welcome.

Share with Your Partners!
Please share the survey widely. The more participants there are, and the more diverse they are, the more grounded the Commission’s recommendations will be in the knowledge and experience of the field as a whole.

Take the survey.

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