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Prop 56 Implementation: What Physicians Need to Know about the Supplemental Payments

This webinar also will cover eligible services, supplemental payment amounts by CPT code and tips on ensuring your practice receives the full amount of eligible funds. It will also provide information on how to file grievances on Prop. 56 funds and how the California Medical Association (CMA) can help.

Regional Health Resilience Webinar Series: HEALTH EFFECTS OF WILDFIRE TOXIC AIR EMISSIONS—Implications for Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

You are invited to participate in a four-part Webinar Series to examine risks and short and long-term health effects from emissions of toxic chemicals from wildfires, burning buildings, and industrial facilities.

Join CMA's Sugary Drinks: Using Grassroots Advocacy to Reduce Consumption Webinar

In partnership with the California Department of Public Health and UC San Francisco’s Champion Provider Fellowship, CMA is pleased to offer this webinar that will discuss how communities are working to pass and implement prevention interventions aimed at reducing sugary beverage consumption and how clinicians can lend their voice during the phases of these local campaigns.