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Leading Health Organizations Announced Filing Of Statewide Soda Tax Measure For 2020

This 2020 ballot initiative would implement a statewide tax on sugar-sweetened drinks, providing at least $1.7 billion in revenue for critical health programs and constitutionally preserving the ability of California’s local communities to make their own decisions regarding future soda taxes.

CMA, CDA, and CHA Strongly Urge to Oppose Graham Cassidy Block Grant

On behalf of California’s leading health care organizations - more than 43,000 physician members and medical students of the California Medical Association (CMA), 27,000 dentists of the California Dental Association, more than 400 hospitals and health systems of the California Hospital Association (CHA), and the millions of California patients we serve every day, we are writing to urge you to oppose the Graham Cassidy Block Grant amendment to the American Health Care Act.