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Facing Addiction in America: New Surgeon General's Report Could be another Landmark

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, MD, MBA, issued a landmark report, "Facing Addiction in America," early Thursday highlighting the scope of the nation's drug and alcohol problem, examining the science, and demanding an evidence-based, integrated public health response. An informed look at the new Surgeon General's report will appear in the January/February edition of San Francisco Medicine; for now, this MedPage story contains a good analysis and links to the report itself:

“Red Flags” in the Emergency Department: Pain Treatment vs. the Painful Epidemic of Addiction

Every emergency clinician knows them, and most learn to dread them—the patients who might be “drug-seekers” or might be in real physical pain—or might be both. How to screen the addicts from the "legitimate" pain patients?