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SFMMS Supports SF Supervisor Mandelman's Shelter For All Proposal

Dear San Francisco Supervisors and staff:

I'm writing today on behalf of the San Francisco Marin Medical Society (SFMMS), a nonprofit association representing over 3500 physicians of all medical specialties and modes of practice in San Francisco and Marin counties. SFMMS' physician leadership would like to express its support for Supervisor Mandelman's Shelter for All proposal, which I understand may move to committee in late April or early May and soon after to a vote of the full Board.

Our physician members are on the frontlines of care to our most underserved and underrepresented patient populations, and so bring a unique perspective to issues of housing and homelessness. Housing issues in San Francisco, and specifically the lack of shelter capacity, have a tangible effect on the health outcomes of our communities. A lack of shelter capacity can contribute to unhoused individuals arriving in already overwhelmed emergency rooms ill-suited to provide for their needs, further straining a workforce stretched to the limit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While we respect the issue is complex and that the proposal will require ongoing dialogue regarding implementation, the Medical Society applauds the initiative's goal of offering unhoused individuals safe and dignified alternatives. We believe approval of the proposal will advance this cause and are enthusiastic to participate in the dialogue.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please consider the Medical Society and our physician members a resource as you consider and deliberate the Shelter for All proposal.

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