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SFMMS President Brian Grady, M.D., statement in support of local public health officials


The San Francisco Marin Medical Society (SFMMS), representing approximately 3000 physicians across medical specialties and practice types in San Francisco and Marin Counties, strongly condemns recent attacks on local health officers who provide evidence-based leadership and guidance to protect their communities from the spread of COVID-19. As a result of these attacks, a number of public health officers in California have left or have expressed their intention to leave their positions. 

Attacks on and harassment of public health officials must stop. The health officers of San Francisco and Marin Counties are undertaking crucial work to protect the public’s health during an unprecedented medical emergency, and their actions have led directly to lives saved. Physicians in San Francisco and Marin Counties rely on local health officials and partner with them to keep their communities safe. Public health officials develop key guidance for physicians and their patients. Their expertise and leadership is vital.

SFMMS echoes the statement issued by California Medical Association President and SFMMS member Peter Bretan, M.D. and stands in solidarity with our local public health officials. We urge elected officials at every level of ogvernment to take steps to ensure that health officers feel safe and are empowered to continue their critically important work.

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