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SFMMS Monthly Wellness Blog: September is for a Sense of Wellbeing

As the SFMMS Wellness Committee launches our monthly blog series, this September we would like to focus on resources that create a sense of wellbeing. Read, listen, and even attend the resources the committee has curated below for SFMMS members. If you have questions, comments, or a resource you would like to share, please contact Molly Baldridge, Director of Engagement at 

"Wellness helps to keep me well-rounded, balanced, and open to change and new ideas." - SFMMS Member

September Resources:

Read: A blog by Dr. Jessie Mahoney, SFMMS Wellness Committee Chair, "What Does it Mean to Nourish Yourself Well?" CLICK HERE

Listen: The Mindful Healers Podcast, "Mental Health is Health" CLICK HERE

Attend: SFMMS' upcoming wellness webinar, "Moving Ahead, Even Now" with Dr. Linda Hawes Clever, SFMMS Wellness Committee Member. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

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