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SFMMS Monthly Wellness Blog: March is for Creating Breathing Room

As the SFMMS Wellness Committee continues our monthly blog series, this March, we would like to focus on creating breathing room. Read, listen, and attend the resources the committee has curated below for SFMMS members. If you have questions, comments, or a resource you would like to share, please contact Molly Baldridge, Director of Engagement at 

"Sometimes simple is better. Practice contentment." - SFMMS Member

March Resources:

Read: A blog by Dr. Jessie Mahoney, SFMMS Wellness Committee Chair, "Creating Breathing Room" CLICK HERE 

Listen: The Mindful Healers Podcast, " Liberate Yourself From "Over Responsibility" and "Hyper Independence" hosted by Dr. Jessie Mahoney and Dr. Ni-Cheng Liang CLICK HERE

Attend: Monthly Mindful Yoga for Healers. Sign up to receive information on this virtual yoga session for all levels HERE

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