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SFMMS Monthly Wellness Blog: January is for Self Acceptance

As the SFMMS Wellness Committee continues our monthly blog series, this January, as we are looking forward to the new year, we would like to focus on self acceptance. Read, listen, and attend the resources the committee has curated below for SFMMS members. If you have questions, comments, or a resource you would like to share, please contact Molly Baldridge, Director of Engagement at 

"It is important to take time for yourself to regroup, reground and refocus on what you need. " - SFMMS Member

January Resources:

Read: A blog by Dr. Jessie Mahoney, SFMMS Wellness Committee Chair, "Life is Not a Self Improvement Project" CLICK HERE


The Mindful Healers Podcast, "Loving Awareness In Action - The Science of Social Justice with Dr. Sará King" hosted by Dr. Jessie Mahoney and Dr. Ni-Cheng Liang CLICK HERE

UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center Podcast: "Happiness Break - An Affirmation Practice for the New Year" CLICK HERE

Attend: The SFMMS Wellness Committee Meeting on January 23rd to connect with your colleagues and learn more about our work. Contact Molly Baldridge, Director of Engagement at for the meeting invite.

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