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SFMMS Executive Committee Votes to Support AMA Statement on the Conflict in Israel and Gaza

Like many of you, the leadership and staff of the San Francisco Marin Medical Society are deeply affected by the conflict in Gaza and Israel. The SFMMS Executive Committee met to assess statements on the conflict that have been issued by medical and international aid organizations, and voted to support the statement issued by the American Medical Association’s Board of Trustees on November 9th, 2023.

“The conflict unfolding in Israel and Gaza has caused suffering and death on an immense scale. We have heard from many of our physician and medical student members expressing heartbreak and outrage about the human toll afflicting Israelis, Palestinians and others. The American Medical Association stands with the physicians and health care personnel who are on the frontlines of this crisis and throughout the world who are risking their lives to provide crucial medical care to anyone who is injured."

Read the American Medical Association's statement

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