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SFMMS Endorses Damon Connolly for State Assembly

This week, the San Francisco Marin Medical Society (SFMMS) Board of Directors voted to endorse Damon Connolly ( in his 2022 campaign for the State Assembly District 12 seat in the California legislature. This endorsement comes following discussions between Connolly and the SFMMS Political Action Committee, who, following these interviews, voted to recommend endorsement to the SFMMS Board of Directors.

Connolly has served his constituents for the North Bay for 18 years, as a Marin County Supervisor, Vice-Mayor of San Rafael, School Board President, and California Deputy Attorney General. During this time, Connolly has a strong track record collaboration with and friendship to the physician community of Marin County. Over his nearly two decades in public service, Damon Connolly has been a thoughtful and dedicated leader who has worked closely with physicians and the Medical Society on important public health issues, such as banning the sale of flavored tobacco products in Marin County, the sale of which products disproportionately impacts vulnerable and underserved communities.

Recognizing the shortage of caregivers in California, Connolly is an advocate for growing our state’s health care workforce and providing more personalized care to patients and residents in caregiving facilities. Connolly has also been a strong supporter of women’s health and reproductive rights, and supports legislation to make California an abortion sanctuary state so people can come to our state for the care they need.

SFMMS appreciates Connolly's ongoing engagement with our membership, partnership over the many years, and is confident that he will be a passionate advocate for Marin County's physicians and patients while serving in Sacramento.

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