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SFMMS Board of Directors Adopts Statement Concerning the Events in Gaza

On April 15, 2024, the SFMMS Board of Directors convened and adopted the following statement concerning the ongoing events in Gaza:

Whereas the San Francisco Marin Medical Society has core values of leadership, excellence, integrity and professionalism, we stand in solidarity for health care as a fundamental human right locally and around the globe. We feel a moral imperative to call out the targeting of doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers, healthcare facilities, and patients in Gaza. We join the growing movement calling for a permanent ceasefire by all parties, the immediate delivery of humanitarian aid, the reconstruction of healthcare facilities and infrastructure, the release of all hostages and detained people, and an end to violence.

In March, 2024, SFMMS made a $2500 contribution from its Community Service Foundation to the Palestine Children's Relief Fund

In November, 2023, SFMMS declared its support for the American Medical Association's statement in solidarity "with the physicians and health care personnel who are on the frontlines of this crisis and throughout the world who are risking their lives to provide crucial medical care to anyone who is injured."

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