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San Francisco Marin Medicine Journal Spotlight "Pandemic to Pandemic: A Career in Palliative Care"

The following article features in the most recent, palliative-care focused issue of the San Francisco Marin Medicine Journal:

"In my 35 years in medicine in San Francisco I have practiced during two devastating pandemics. I have seen how science can tackle these scourges and offer effective treatments. I have witnessed how technology can mitigate the challenges and spread misinformation and bias that can exacerbate the situation, keep people from getting care, and lead to more death, I have also seen that caring and compassion, thoughtful communication, and hope are universal attributes of good care and that these lessons learned in the cauldron of one pandemic translated to the next."

- Steven Pantilat, MD, Kates-Burnard and Hellman Distinguished Professor in Palliative Care and the inaugural Chief of the Division of Palliative Medicine at UCSF

Read the full article on page 14

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