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Legislative Update (2011-2012 Legislative Session)

The Legislative Session officially ended early Saturday morning and SFMS/CMA’s Government Relations team was at the Capitol until the very end. In the waning hours of the 2011-2012 Legislative Session, we successfully passed three sponsored bills, killed two bills that would have weakened the protections of MICRA, negotiated key amendments into the Worker’s Compensation bill, and proudly fought to reinstate the Healthy Families program as part of a multi-part deal that died sometime after 1:00 am.

SFMS/CMA Prevents Last Minute Move To Scuttle MICRA; MICRA Is Preserved

In the last days of the 2012 legislative session, a shell bill (SB 1528) was gutted and amended in an attempt by trial lawyers to undermine California’s Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA). SFMS/CMA rallied its grassroots advocacy network and was able to thwart this move and the bill is dead for this legislative season.

Bad Bugs, From Farm to Us: Curtailing Antibiotic Overuse in Agriculture

With ever-increasing microbial resistance to our ever-challenged arsenal of antibiotics, clearly we need to do everything possible to stay ahead in the Darwinian race between bacterial pathogens and humanity. One intervention, increasingly indicated by research and supported by many reputable health organizations, is to decrease the massive prophylactic and growth-promoting use of antibiotics in the production of food, primarily meat.