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View the Recording: Palliative Care Advances & Reflections, a talk with SFMMS Past-President, Monique Schaulis, MD and authors from the SFM Medicine Journal

SFMMS past-President Monique Schaulis MD, an emergency and palliative medicine specialist, joined the San Francisco End-Of-Life Network for an hourlong discussion on palliative care and the recent theme issue on that topic of the SFMMS journal.  The session begins with a dialog with the SFMMS’ own Steve Heilig, who co-founded the SFEOL at the SFMMS over two decades ago.  They are then joined by four other authors of articles in the journal issue.  It is an informative, wide-ranging, and warm conversation that we believe many will enjoy and learn from. To view the recording, click HERE

To read the palliative care-themed SF Marin Medicine Journal visit:

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