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SFMMS Pushes for Immediate Action on Behavioral Health Access

This week, SFMMS Director of Advocacy and Policy Adam Francis, testified at a hearing on the status of San Francisco’s Residential Treatment beds. The hearing was called by Supervisors Mandelman and Ronen to get a better sense of how much progress has been made to increase access for patients facing moderate to severe mental health issues.

Medi-Cal Spared Despite Large State Budget Deficit

Governor Newsom recently released his 2024-25 State Budget proposal, projecting a nearly $40 billion shortfall resulting from the substantial stock market decline and COVID-related delay in income tax collections. Despite the significant deficit, the Governor proposed maintaining funding levels for Medi-Cal and health care in general.

SFMMS Board of Directors Sets 2023 Legislative Priorities

The California Medical Association and your SFMMS staff review each bill to analyze how it might affect your patients and practice. The SFMMS Board met recently to decide which state legislation to act on, and of those bills, which would be a focal point of SFMMS advocacy.