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Upcoming Call to Action on Public Charge Rule

The CMA will be issuing a Call to Action in respect to the proposed federal rule on public charge. This rule threatens to have a negative impact on public health by preventing immigrants from receiving eligible Medicaid benefits and also by chilling access to other public benefits such as food stamps and vouchers for housing.

CMA will be submitting comments strongly opposing the regulations and will be creating a template for individual physicians to use to submit their comments. Comments are due December 10, and we anticipate sending out any materials approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the deadline. Watch CMA's recent webinar for more detailed information.

An article by SFMMS pediatrician Heyman Oo, MD on the immigration issue as it applies to health is in the current SFMMS journal here:


SFMMS members are encouraged to consider submitting public comments in opposition to the proposed regulations. 


Questions?  Steve Heilig at the SFMMS:

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