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New SFMMS/ACCMA Telemedicine Series: Free Registration

New Series! Getting Started in Telemedicine


Telehealth services are expanding rapidly during the COVID-19 crisis. In partnership with Bay Area medical associations, the ACCMA is partnering with experts to develop a comprehensive webinar series to help physicians swiftly ramp up their telemedicine capabilities, from technology to practice implementation to coding. Experts will discuss choosing a telemedicine platform; compliance; privacy and security considerations; billing and payment; policies, procedures, and workflow; informing your patients; and malpractice. Physicians who have experience practicing telemedicine will share their practical reflections.


Click Here to Register for Series


This program is FREE for all physicians and office staff. There is no charge to attend. We would like to thank VSee, Global Health Impact Network, and the InnovatorMD Conference for donating their expertise and technical support to make this series possible.

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