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Approaching deadline: Funding opportunities for telehealth solution

California Medical Association (CMA) Physician Services wants to ensure all California physicians are able to access and implement quality telehealth tools and services into their practices. We want to highlight two telehealth funding assistance programs available, one with a deadline of April 7, 2020.

CMA Physician Services will continue to actively seek additional funding opportunities and will keep California physicians updated as it becomes aware of more. Please reach out with any questions to

HealthNet Grant Option Program: For most telehealth platform offerings

  • DEADLINE: April 7
  • Offering: Funds to assist physicians and practices with implementing telehealth tools and services to enable virtual visits between patients and physicians. Up to 47 grants will be awarded, at a maximum amount of $125,000 per award.
  • Eligibility:
    • Directed tward practices with limited telehealth infrastructure or seeking significant expansion and/or support to build out its current telehealth capacity.
    • Must be ne of the following:
      • Federally Qualified Health Center
      • Rural Health Center
      • Indian Health Center
      • Look-Alike Health Center (more information found here)
      • Community Clinic
      • Independent Provider Practice with at least a 30% Medi-Cal patient mix and/or located in a Health Professional Shortage Area.
      • Note: Safety Net Clinics and FQHCs operating in non-County Organized Health System (COHS) are eligible to apply
    • Fr additional requirements, including financial requirements and telehealth solution requirements, click here.
  • Online Application:

Amwell Grants and Public Funding Program: For Amwell’s telehealth platform offering

  • DEADLINE: None
  • Offering: CMA Physician Services recently announced a partnership with Amwell, a leading telehealth solutions platform. Through this partnership, all California physicians have access to Amwell’s telehealth platform at a discounted rate for the next twelve months and no monthly fees until May 2020. However, CMA Physician Services recognizes that not all physician practices have the means to implement the Amwell telehealth solution into their practice, despite the discounted rate. The Amwell Grants and Public Funding Program assists Amwell customers seeking to secure funding to support implementing telehealth into their practice. Amwell does not provide or pay for grant writing on a practice’s behalf, but will provide expertise, tools, and grant monitoring to help obtain the funds.
  • Eligibility: Must be an Amwell customer. For additional details, click here.

Contact: Angela Connor, Director of Grants and Public Funding, at or (910) 476-2520

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