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Anti-Tobacco Victories for California

Governor Jerry Brown signed five SFMS/CMA-supported tobacco control bills into law as part of the Governor’s special legislative session. "The Legislature's passage and Governor Brown's signing of these six laws represents Sacramento standing up against Big Tobacco for the first time in a long time and restoring California's leadership position in fighting Big Tobacco" said anti-tobacco leader Dr. Stan Glantz of UCSF. "Bringing e-cigarettes into the California's clean indoor air and tobacco licensing laws, closing loopholes in the state's clean indoor air law, raising in the age to 21, and ending the raid on California's anti-tobacco education and research activities to pay for enforcing tobacco license laws are all big steps forward."

The new tobacco control laws include:

  • AB 7 X2 (Stone) - Close loopholes in smoke-free workplace laws, including hotel lobbies, small businesses, and break rooms.
  • AB 9 X2 (Thurmond) - Require all schools to be tobacco-free.
  • AB 11 X2 (Nazarian) - Establish an annual Board of Equalization tobacco licensing fee program.
  • SB 5 X2 (Leno) - Add e-cigarettes to existing tobacco products definition.
  • SB 7 X2 (Hernandez) - Increase age of sale for tobacco products to 21.

In another major victory, the FDA has just made final sweeping new rules extending federal regulatory authority to e-cigarettes,nicotine delivery devices that have grown into a multibillion-dollar business with virtually no federal oversight or protections for American consumers. The SFMS succeeded in getting both the CMA and AMA to favor such rules five years ago, and the city of San Francisco already has such rules.

Click here for further information about the signed tobacco bills

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