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Congressional Budget Office Scoring of American Health Care Act

Late yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office released its report providing estimates of the impact the American Health Care Act (AHCA) would have on federal spending, the health insurance market, and the number of Americans with health care coverage. See a summary of the report, as well as the AMA’s statement in response.

Health Reform Update

The House Committees on Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce completed consideration of draft reconciliation legislation. The Ways and Means committee considered the bill for approximately 18 hours while the Energy and Commerce committee meeting lasted more than 27 hours. In the end, neither bill was amended significantly and the committees forwarded their final recommendations to the House Committee on the Budget so that final House reconciliation language can be reported next week.

CMA Op-Ed: American Health Care Act won’t help patients access doctors or receive affordable, quality care

Op-ed by CMA President, Ruth Haskins, MD in response to the American Health Care Act. CMA is concerned that millions of Californians will lose coverage because of the Medicaid cuts and because the private tax-credits are age-based, not income-based, making insurance unaffordable for low-moderate income families.

AMA says American Health Care Act is Critically Flawed

In a letter to congressional leaders, the AMA today outlined provisions of the American Health Care Act that would have an adverse impact on patients and the health of the nation. Largely due to the decline in health insurance coverage the bill would likely cause, the AMA is unable to support the AHCA as drafted.