Endorsed by the San Francisco Marin Medical Society

Dr. Toni Brayer

SFMMS endorses MIEC's medical liability insurance program for its members.

As the first physician-owned medical liability insurer in the Western United States, Medical Exchange of California (MIEC) has been closely aligned with organized medicine since its inception. MIEC is a not-for-profit, physician-owned professional liability insurance carrier, founded in 1975 by SFMMS and five other Northern California county medical societies when commercial carriers withdrew from the medical malpractice insurance market.

MIEC offers SFMMS members a unique combination of coverage features:

Discover why physicians in Marin and San Francisco choose MIEC as their medical liability insurer.

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MIEC’s Benefits for SFMMS Members

Unparalleled dividend program.

You deserve more than a little gratitude for a career spent practicing quality medicine. MIEC has an unrivaled approach to returning profits. A true not-for-profit motive, MIEC has a history of returning all profits, after expenses and reserves requirements are met, to their owner-policyholders in the form of dividend/renewal premium credits. Over the past 20 years, our California policyholders have enjoyed an average savings of 27.6% each year. 

Aggressive in-house Claims handling.

We are committed to protecting and defending our policyholders’ reputation and assets when faced with malpractice suits. Almost 90% of claims against our owner-physicians are resolved without indemnity payments made to the plaintiffs.

Founded by doctors for doctors.

Our policyholders are the owners of MIEC. Founded, owned, and operated by physicians—over 7,000 strong—we are uniquely aligned with our policyholders’ interests and are accountable only to them.

Personalized Loss Prevention guidance.

Physicians striving to reduce their own liability risk benefit from ongoing education, review of their practice methods and systems, and guidance on how to deal with untoward situations. MIEC is there to watch your back by providing a host of Loss Prevention resources, tools, and personalized help.

DataGuard Coverage

The DataGuard protection on individual physician policies covers most of the expenses they may have to pay in the event of a privacy breach with a limit of $50,000. Higher limits may be provided upon completion and approval of a short application. Below is an outline of coverage.

  • Network Security & Privacy Insurance
  • Patient Notification Costs & Credit Monitoring Insurance
  • Data Recovery Costs Insurance

arrow For more information call MIEC at (800) 227-4527 or email underwriting@miec.com.
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