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7 Easy Ways to be a Champion of Organized Medicine

  1. USE your SFMS pen. You are an ambassador for SFMS and organized medicine wherever you go. Use your pen to strike up conversations with your patients, students, and fellow physicians about key health issues. Pick up your SFMS pen—made from 100% recycled materials—at a SFMS event or contact SFMS.
  2. RECRUIT a medical student, resident, or colleague to join SFMS. Speak with your peers about your positive experiences as a SFMS member and encourage them to lend support to strengthen the voice of San Francisco physicians. Invite a colleague to an upcoming SFMS networking mixer or our annual Lobby Day.
  3. VOLUNTEER to serve on a committee, coordinate an event, or represent your peers at the CMA House of Delegates. 
  4. CONTRIBUTE to the SFMS social media network. Join the SFMS online community (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), comment on our blog, bookmark and share a SFMS eNews article with colleagues, or post upcoming events and information pertinent to the San Francisco medical community through the SFMS Facebook page or LinkedIn group.
  5. ADD to the SFMS knowledge base. Submit an article for the San Francisco Medicine journal, become a reviewer of SFMS publications, consider contributing to the SFMS blog, or comment on others’ health blogs. 
  6. NOMINATE a colleague or yourself to be a SFMS featured member of the month. Help SFMS identify and recognize physician champions by contacting SFMS.
  7. DONATE to the SFMS PAC. Invest in the future of medicine by making a contribution to enable SFMS to support candidates and legislators who share our philosophy and vision of the future of health care and medical practice.

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I am a SFMS member because I believe—when I joined SFMS as a new doctor 25 years ago, and still believe now—that physicians need the advocacy of organized medicine to represent them and their patients with insurance companies, legislators, and public policy. The SFMS has often led the way with health initiatives that benefit our patients and our profession.

Toni Brayer, MDCEO of Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation