Marin Medical Society

About MMS

About TARLAC GroupWelcome to the Marin Medical Society (MMS). Founded in 1898, MMS is a nonprofit association that supports Marin County physicians and their efforts to enhance the health of the community.

The Marin Medical Society, a component medical society of the California Medical Association, supports local physicians and their efforts to enhance the health of the community. In addition to its community health initiatives, MMS offers a wide array of legal, collegial and advocacy benefits to its members. The medical society also publishes several helpful periodicals and sponsors various committees that safeguard the profession of medicine.

Founded in 1898, MMS is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization governed by a board of directors composed of local physicians. MMS welcomes all physicians, respects diverse interests and acts as a unifying force in the community. Interested physicians with MD or DO degrees can join both MMS and CMA by completing a simple, one-page application form.

Community Health Initiatives

MMS enhances the health of the community by helping local residents gain the knowledge, motivations and opportunities needed to make informed decisions about their health. The medical society supports local, state and national efforts to promote healthy behaviors, create healthy environments and increase access to high-quality health care. Current MMS health initiatives include:

  • Marin Specialty Access. This initiative seeks to improve access to specialty care for uninsured and underinsured patients in Marin County. Working in collaboration with physicians, safety net providers, community organizations and regional hospital systems, the goal is to encourage participation in the Marin Community Clinics specialty referral system.
  • Disaster preparedness. In collaboration with the Marin County Public Health Department, MMS coordinates National Incident Management System (NIMS) disaster preparedness (DP) training for local physicians. The training helps physicians respond appropriately to earthquakes, communicable disease outbreaks and other types of disasters. Physicians in the DP group also volunteer at Marin Community Clinics.
  • Community Leadership. MMS members serve in leadership positions for many local health organizations, including Heberden Telemedicine Foundation, LifePlant International, Marin Community Clinics, Marin HIV/AIDS Care Council, Marin Medical Reserve Corps, Operation Access, Partnership HealthPlan, Rotacare, and Marin Women’s Study breast cancer research.

Free medical-legal information. MMS/CMA members can contact the CMA Member Help Center at 800-786-4262 for assistance with general, legal and reimbursement issues, including contracts and agreements, subpoenas, employer/employee relations, collections, confidentiality, and records retention. In addition, members can access the CMA Medical-Legal Library at, an online resource containing over 3,000 pages of medical-legal, regulatory and reimbursement information. These documents are free to members; nonmembers pay $2 per page.

Collegial Events. MMS encourages physician collegiality in Marin County by sponsoring several annual events. The seasonal dinners, held at local restaurants two or three times per year, feature well-known speakers and lively social hours. Informal receptions throughout the year allow physicians to interact with their colleagues in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. MMS also sponsors an annual potluck dinner for women physicians.

CMA Meetings. MMS/CMA members regularly participate in meetings sponsored by the California Medical Association. Each fall, delegates from MMS attend the House of Delegates, which establishes the policies that guide CMA. During the spring, MMS/CMA members enroll in the CMA Leadership Academy, which helps physicians develop leadership skills and understand the latest trends in health care.

Legislative Advocacy. Physicians consistently indicate that influencing public policy is a top priority. MMS/CMA members regularly meet with local representatives and with candidates for public office. Members are also invited to participate in the annual Legislative Day, when physicians from around the state convene in Sacramento to meet with legislators and other government officials.

MMS Committees

Members who are interested in influencing public policy, reviewing publications or assisting with disaster preparedness can sign up for MMS committees, including:

  • Community Health. Works collaboratively with other organizations and advises the board on MMS activities promoting a healthy community focusing on reducing obesity and improve oral health in our communities. 
  • Disaster Preparedness Physician Volunteer Group. Members of this group receive disaster preparedness training and volunteer their time at Marin Community Clinics. For more information, contact Dr. Peter Bretan at
  • Editorial Board. Identifies topics and authors for informative articles, and reviews/approves manuscripts for the quarterly issues of Marin Medicine magazine.
  • Government Relations/Legislative. Serves as liaison between MMS and local, state and national legislators communicating physician views on health-related issues, and encourages physicians to participate in the political process. 
  • Membership. Oversees new member application processes including orientation and information for new members. Also advised the board on recruitment and retention campaigns.
  • Nominations.  Reviews nominations from membership and provides a recommendation to the board for the annual election slate of officers.
  • Physician Wellness and Well-Being.Advises the board on MMS activities committed to improving physician practice viability and promoting healthy lifestyle for physicians.

Marin Medical Political Action Committee (MMPAC)

MMPAC is the nonpartisan political action committee of the Marin Medical Society, which support candidates and legislators who understand and embrace MMS' philosophy, goals and vision for medicine and health care. For more information, contact the Marin Medical Society mms@marinmedical or call 415-924-3891.