SFMS/CMA Focus on Public Health Issues on the 2016 Ballot

The November 2016 ballot contains 17 initiatives that run the gamut of fiscal and social policy. Below is a summary of the ballot initiatives along with SFMS and CMA positions.


  • Measure V Soda Tax: Will tax distributors of sugar sweetened beverages a penny per ounce. These revenues can be used to support health education programs and efforts to improve children’s health across San Francisco. SFMS supports


  • Prop 52 - Medi-Cal Hospital Fee Program: Would lock in hospital fees to allow the state to draw down federal health care funds. SFMS/CMA supports

  • Prop 55 - Tax Extension to Fund Education and Healthcare: Extends the state's higher income taxes for those earning more than five hundred thousand dollars per year. SFMS/CMA supports

  • Prop 56 - Cigarette Tax to Fund Healthcare, Tobacco Use Prevention, Research and Law Enforcement: Would raise per-pack taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products by two dollars to $2.87. The money would be used to shore up Medi-Cal and provide other health care services. SFMS/CMA supports

  • Prop 60 - Adult Films. Condoms. Health Requirements: Would require adult film actors to wear condoms during sex while filming. Creates new private right of action to file lawsuits against producers or distributors. SFMS opposes

  • Prop 61 - State Prescription Drug Purchases. Pricing Standards.: Would cap prices the state could pay on prescription drugs. SFMS has no position; CMA opposes

  • Prop 63 - Firearms. Ammunition Sales.: Would prohibit the possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines and would require most individuals to pass a background check and obtain authorization from the California Department of Justice to purchase ammunition. SFMS/CMA supports

  • Prop 64 - Marijuana Legalization: Would regulate and control the cultivation and use of non-medical cannabis. SFMS has no position; CMA supports

Recent Statewide Bills and Initiatives

SFMS and CMA were actively involved in efforts to defeat the following 2016 initiatives:

  • SB 538 - Naturopathic Doctor Scope Expansion: Would have allowed Naturopathic Doctors to prescribe Schedule V and non-scheduled prescription medications for diseases such as diabetes, blood disorders and hypertension without consulting with or notifying a patient's medical doctor. Defeated

  • AB 1306 - Scope Expansion for Certified Nurse Midwives: Would have allowed Nurse Midwives to provide medical services and perform medical procedures without clinical supervision. Defeated

  • SB 1033 - Medical Professionals Probation Disclosure: Would have required physicians whose licenses are in probationary status to disclose this status to patients. Defeated

SFMS was a driving force for the following:

  • End-of-Life Option Act: permits terminally ill adult patients with capacity to make medical decisions to be prescribed an aid-in-dying medication if certain conditions are met. Went into effect June 6, 2016

  • AB 637: allows Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants to sign POLST (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) orders. Went into effect January 1, 2016

  • SB 27: reduces antibiotic overuse in livestock. Goes into effect January 1, 2018