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SFMMS 150th: 1898 - Marin Medical Society is Formed

Thirty years after the San Francisco Medical Society was formed, rural doctors in Marin County joined together to form the Marin Medical Society in 1898.

In December 2017, a letter was sent to all physicians in Marin County compelling them to join together to form a medical society. The announcement of the formation of the Marin County Medical Society appeared in the Marin Journal on January 27, 1898. The meeting was brought to order by Dr. H. J. Crumpton. The purpose of the society was to build a healthier Marin County, to encourage quality health care and to serve the community.


In the early days, Marin County Medical Society doctors would visit their patients in their homes, traveling on horseback or by horse and buggy. After 1905, the automobile was introduced for home visits. But if it was a late night call, it was an advantage to have a horse so the doctor could nod off while the horse found his own way home.

 1908 meeting of the Marin County Medical Society at Pastori's Resort, Fairfax

In 2017, the Marin Medical Society merged with the San Francisco Medical Society to form the San Francisco Marin Medical Society. More than 250 Marin physicians, and another 300 retired physicians in Marin joined together with San Francisco. Today, SFMMS includes more than 2,000 members.


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