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New Medi-Cal Funding: Are You Getting Your Share?

The California Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016 (Proposition 56) created new revenues dedicated to the Medi-Cal program. Physicians will receive supplemental payments in both fee-for-service and Medi-Cal managed care when providing Medi-Cal services under certain CPT codes. A total of $325 million was allocated for physician payments in the budget for 2017-18, with $488 million proposed for 2018-19.

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) reports that supplemental payments to physicians for eligible Medi-Cal fee-for-services began in January 2018. Payments for Medi-Cal managed care services were recently authorized, but have not yet been distributed to physicians.

CMA is seeking physician feedback to determine if physicians are:

  1. Aware of the availability of the supplemental payments;
  2. Receiving the supplemental payments; and
  3. Being notified of why they are receiving supplemental payments.

The results of this survey will be helpful in informing our advocacy on the Proposition 56 supplemental payments for 2018-2019. We need your feedback! Please share your experience by responding to our brief survey. It is critical that we receive your response no later than May 11, 2018.

Please take the survey now!

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