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AMA releases special coding advice related to COVID-19

One resource outlines coding scenarios designed to help health care professionals apply best coding practices. The scenarios include telehealth services for all patients. Examples specifically related to COVID-19 testing include coding for when a patient: comes to the office for E/M visit, and is tested for COVID-19 during the visit; receives a telehealth visit re: COVID-19 and is directed to come to physician office or physician’s group practice site for testing; receives a virtual check-in/online visit re: COVID-19 (not related to E/M visit), and is directed to come to physician office for testing; and more.

There is also a quick-reference flowchart that outlines CPT reporting for COVID-19 testing.

A new web page on the AMA site also outlines CMS payment policies and regulatory flexibilities related to COVID-19.

Check the AMA COVID-19 resource center to stay up to date and for additional resources.

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