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Bill Jeopardizing Patient Safety Barely Passes Assembly Committee

After an initial vote held SB 491 (Hernandez) in the Assembly Business, Professions & Consumer Protection Committee last week, a reconsideration vote was granted and today the bill moved out of committee. SB 492 (Hernandez) a related bill dealing with expanded scope of practice for optometrists, was held in committee.

California Senate Passes Two Bills That Would Expand Scope of Practice; Bills May Potentially Endanger Patient Safety

The California Senate passed SB491 and SB492 that aim to expand certain health care providers' scope of practice as a means to address California's primary care physician shortage. SFMS and CMA strongly oppose these bills because they set a dangerous precedent of allowing non-physicians to practice medicine without being subject to the Medical Practice Act (MPA), which regulates the practice of medicine and in which violations may result in the loss of a medical license and possibly criminal prosecution.