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Vax Facts:Vaccine Storage During Public Safety Power Shutoffs

Last week the California Department of Public Health released a letter outlining steps that clinics can take to prepare and respond to an extended power outage and reduce the risk of spoiling a clinic’s entire vaccine supply. Although the letter is directed to Vaccines for Children providers, it offers recommendations useful to other practices that store and administer vaccines.

SFDPH Alert-- Health Update: Fentanyl Overdose

In September 2019, three persons with no known history of opioid use required critical care in San Francisco following fentanyl overdose. One had sniffed a powder and was observed to immediately stop breathing and suffer a cardiac arrest; this person was toxicology positive primarily for fentanyl. The second reported sniffing cocaine while at a bar, but was toxicology positive for cocaine and fentanyl. The third was known to use cocaine, but was toxicology positive for fentanyl, cocaine, and methamphetamine; that individual is now deceased.

SFDPH Memo: Influenza Vaccination or Masking for Health Care Workers

Every hospital, skilled nursing, and long-term care facility in San Francisco should implement a program requiring its health care workers to receive an annual influenza vaccination or, if they decline, to wear a mask for the duration of the influenza season while working in patient careareas.