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Covered California Payors Provide New Information for Physicians About Network Products

Three major managed care payors offering coverage through Covered California have provided additional information to their contracted providers on their exchange/mirror products. Together, Health Net, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California, account for approximately 75% of enrollment in Covered California products to date.

The notices, sent to physicians within the past few weeks, were co-branded with Covered California and contain additional information to help providers navigate the exchange.


Date Notice Sent

Information Provided

Link to Notice

Anthem Blue Cross

March 17

FAQs, breakdown of products sold by county, reported provider network size, plan name guide to help practices identify their exchange/mirror product patients.

Blue Cross

Blue Shield

March 14

Clarification on exchange/mirror products, plan summary that includes copayment, coinsurance and deductible information, sample ID cards, answers to frequently asked questions, a map indicating which product types are offered by county.



Health Net

March 7

Information on exchange/mirror products, product types offered in different regions and what information is on patient ID cards.

Health Net

Click here for Anthem Blue Cross' name guide to its exchange (Covered California) and mirror products.

Click here for additional resources about Covered California contracting issues available through SFMS.


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